Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 2012 - Rosedale Highs Vlog 1!

Hey folks! Been a while on the since we've updated this thing. Here's a video from our first trip to Austin! We head back on May 12!



The Rosedale Highs

Friday, April 22, 2011

San Antonio pop fest / interpol

Interpol is playing a sold out show in helotes tonight. There are about 20 of us at the San Antonio pop fest making our own history.

Saturday night satelites are insane. Like Jesus and Mary chain meets man or astroman meets syd Barrett. And now their playing their dance number!

Joe Reyes and Eric sanden from buttercup. Quoting myself they're "so good it makes me f*cking sick!".

Interpol will probably go on soon. I can't help thinking that while David Bowie was selling out arenas, down the road Joe strummer was playing his heart out with the 101ers to 15 people.

Whiskey ships are now on. Im drinking a lone star and bobbing my head. This is what I remember tacoland feeling like. I even see members of the tacoland family out!

Leatherbag brings a coolness to the show.

His version of Egyptian reggae got me up and moving. Otherwise he's like a planet waves era Dylan for the 2010s.

And for now that's all she wrote for popfest. Hope you enjoyed Interpol. Rosedale highs to hit the stage soon. Hope people stick around. While most people are enjoying the present others are creating the future. Stay tuned for part 2 of pop fest blog.

Jason from rosedale highs

Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16, studio 13 hookah bar

We're here at studio 13 about to go on in a few. This place has a great vibe. Strawberry margarita shisha in the air, great music, and cool people!

Also, the show is streaming live!

We played with Sean Palen

And Everyone Get Naked!

(I didn't get a photo of them. Damn phone ran outta juice)

And Joe from leftmore!

This is a great souning intimate room. Can't hardly wait to hit the stage!

You shoulda been here!

Posted LIVE from real life!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Boneshakers April 15

King Pelican rocked at boneshakers with us tonight. I wish more people were here to check out this amazing band.

Check out Santi's amazing new doo!

And Steve mcqueen!

We're also playing a last minute gig at studio13 tomorrow night at midnight. I wonder if people will be there.


Hello! This is gonna be a great month for us. We've finished our debut CD and are currently scraping our pockets and underneath couch cushions to find funds to press it. Listen to the CD streaming hear at Reverbnation and tell us what you think! We have 3 great shows this month. April 15th we're at Boneshakers with this great Surf Band King Pelican. There is a beach party theme, so please bring your swim trunks! We're also proud to be on the San Antonio Pop Fest with the Saturday night Satelites, Whiskey Ships, and Leatherbag from Austin at the Nightrocker Live. Finally we're happy to be back at the Limelight playing with Blackbird Sing and Nicolette Good! Hope to see you out there! Tell your friends to check us out and listen to our CD! Talk at ya soon. Jason The Rosedale Highs